Do I sound selfish about not having a ring?

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-Dr.Jenn- asked:

I'm not really into jewelery. In fact, all I were is a cross and different earrings, but I feel kind of sad my husband didn't buy at least cheap wedding rings from at least a pawn shop. He says he will be the one to buy them. We were just recently married through the Justice of The Peace (we don't have much money) and just a couple weeks before we did his income taxes came in giving him approximately $245. I don't know everything he did with the money but what I do know he did is buy apps for the games he plays online, buy a computer game on ebay, a $80 gift for a close friend on ebay he owes money to to partially pay him off, plus more expensive cigarettes. A few days after we got married I found out the tax earning were gone. The money he gets paid monthly is small and I help support us financially as well. Am I being a cry baby, a b!tch or selfish feeling bad he used all his tax earnings on different things and not wedding rings? Does it make a little sense? We were engaged for not super long, but awhile.

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    I don’t think it’s selfish. The ring is a symbol of a commitment to the other person. I would think he would want you to have that.
    Maybe he doesn’t know how you feel. Sit down and tell him that you feel sad that he didn’t even offer to buy a ring, tell him it means a lot to you, and see how he reacts.

  2. Bowhunting

    only thing that doesn’t make sense is why did you marry such a loser.get out now for you waste to much time on this loser

  3. Handmade Rings

    so every dollar he spends from here on, that is not your ring, is gonna put you in sour and foul mood?

    i’d say your marriage is to a great start.

  4. Video Games

    i don’t think you are being selfish, you are just asking for a token of his love, he should be putting you before those other things, was he like this before you married? this is not how you want your marriage to start off, doesnt sound good

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    One of those raggelly rings can get you finger chopped off. There are crack headed DOLTS that can’t tell fake from the real thing.

    There maybe more food on the table with out a ring.

  6. Dog Supplies says:

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    Well, it sounds like you didn’t marry for money, that’s for sure.

    I guess when you marry someone who can’t even bother to make a decent living and provide for his family, then you really can’t be too disappointed when they don’t.

    But heck, at least he’s good at video games!

    If you wanted a MAN you should have married one.

  7. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    I can understand how you feel. you should let him know that it is something important to you. Sorry I believe it should have been top on his list.

    I heard a song the other day something about if you don’t want to put a ring on it you don’t want it. I’m going through something kinda the same

  • Camping Gear

    No its not selfish at all. It sounds like he is still spending money like he is a single guy. If that was “his” income tax refund ( and i think there is no “his” and “hers” in a marriage) but if he thought of it as “his”, he prolly wanted to buy toys with it. Maybe his one last splurge or something. Most guys, it never occurs to them to buy their woman some jewelry, even the important kind. You arent being selfish, he is being a little clueless.

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    It’s a status thing to want a ring. Without it we feel that noone knows we are married without a ring on the finger to show so. Start saving a little every week and buy your own. Show him how much it really means to you. If you wait, you could be waiting for ever.

  • Handmade Rings

    What a cheap ass. Your husband that is.

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