did your wedding ring need to be re-sized after you had your baby? (10 pts best answer)?

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<3 Mia's Mommy<3 asked:

I know this is prolly just my hormones at work but I had to get my wedding ring set cut off my finger this am at urgent care. My finger was so swollen and purple I tried everything to get it off and nothing worked so I had to go there and get the rings cut off. I am so upset! Those mean everything 2 me! So I was wondering if I could just drop them off at the jewelers on sat and have them put back at the size I was. I have really tiny fingers and don't imagine that the size would change but I have never been pregnant before this. I would like to have them fixed and ready so after I deliver I can put them right back on! I am 38 weeks on thursday so that leaves about 2 week til my due date which would be plenty of time to get them fixed. What do you suggest? has this hap pend to you?! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I had to take my rings off while i was pregnant because my fingers were so swollen. I didnt put them back on the day i got home but they are on now and fit as well as they did before. I imagine that you could get them sized to what they were before just dont be upset if they dont fit the day of delivery. It might take a day or two.

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    I had to have my ring cut off due to swollen fingers as well. The jeweler was able to cut it in a place that was more easily repairable, but it is damaged. I also didn’t have an ER bill. I would wait to have the rings repaired until after you deliver. Chances are, they will fix it and you still can’t try them on to see if they are sized correctly.

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    The fit like normal after pregnancy :p I took my rings off when I found out I was pregnant.

  4. Mens Rings says:

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    nope, it never happened to me but I did have to take my rings off eventually cause my fingers started getting very swollen. Right now I am 30 weeks pg and my engagement ring doesn’t fit anymore, but my wedding band still does…it won’t be long till I have to take it off too, and I hate that.

  5. Video Games says:

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    I could not wear my rings when I was pregnant, and it sucked because I got pregnant on our honey moon ;( so after I had my daughter I could not wait to finally be able to wear my rings. I had to wait about 2 months before I could wear them all day. It was the summer and my fingers swell a lot in the summer.

    I did buy a fake bridal set to wear during my pregnancy.

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    It took me about 2 weeks to get my ring back on my finger. I gained 45 pounds during the pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, you will lose the weight much quicker. Either way, if you keep active, I imagine you will get back to your original weight so just get your ring back to the original size. Good luck with the delivery and congratulations!

  7. Video Games

    I would not have them re sized until a few weeks postpartum. My mom advised me not to get mine re-sized because her fingers stayed bigger post baby. My fingers actually shrunk during pregnancy because I worked on a aquaculture sea-site always tying boats up, driving boats, pulling nets, tying knots, splicing rope, using hand tools all day on a week on week off camp shift. I lost my hand muscles! :P

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    Hi, i had to take all my rings off during pregnancy as it was during the hot summer just gone and my fingers puffed up soo much! I didnt put on alot of weight during pregnancy and still after giving birth (5 Months ago) i am still unable to get my engagement ring on! It is so frustrating! i would wait until a few months after giving birth to see what happens. I hope this helps

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    I would consider waiting until a month or so after you give birth. I had twins so it might be a bit different, but I had to remove my rings at about 30 weeks or risk the situation that you experienced . . . I was not able to fit them back on for about 8 week after giving birth.

    Congrats and best wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy!

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