Choosing the right emerald cut diamond?

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Jeepster asked:

I'm looking for an emerald cut diamond for an engagement ring and have found the following:

Cut - Emerald
Clarity - VS2
Color - E
Carat - 0.97
Flour - None
Polish/Symmetry - VG
Depth - 63.9
Table - 84
Measurements - 6.56 x 5.29 x 3.38
Certification - EGL

I've been quoted a price of $4,000. The two items that concern me are the EGL cert and the high table. Is this diamond worth the price?


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  1. Bowhunting says:

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    The Table of 84 is “good” not excellent. For a good Emerald Cut it should be about 67.
    VS2 you are going to see the flaws.

    Actually the price for nearly a carat is a little high.

  2. Bowhunting says:

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    It sounds like a “fair” price.
    The table is a bit big. The cutter was trying for a large “spread”; meaning they tried to maximize the length/width size from the crystal. The facets on the top of the stone should be matched with the facets on the bottom for maximum sparkle.
    VS2 by definition is NOT visible with the naked eye, however if there is any irregularity, you would be more likely to see it with an emerald cut stone over a round or oval or pear shape.

    It is good to look for a loose stone (so you can compare “apples to apples”. My advice is to shop around and compare. Don’t worry … you will make an informed and good choice. Oh, one more thing, shop with a jeweler, not just discount stores. You will do a better job of getting what you pay for AND you will start building a relationship with someone you can trust, so when it comes time to have the ring cleaned, sized, appraised, repaired etc. you will have someone you can trust and feel comfortable with doing the work. A jeweler is someone you can have an “old time” working relationship with that will payoff many times over, in the future. Besides that, you will get some great deals with anniversary purchases in the future.

  3. Video Games says:

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    I plugged in the diamond’s basic info (emerald shape, .97-carats, E-color, VS2-clarity) at the site. It’s a diamond search engine; it checks the prices at about 10 different retailers (Blue Nile,, and others).

    It only found one diamond with those specific characteristics, though when I clicked on it, it definitely isn’t your diamond, because all the other specs (measurements, depth, table, polish/symmetry, etc.) were different. But, in case this helps, it is GIA certified and $3,917.

    Then I opened up the query, to see if I plugged in the price limit of $4,000 and asked for emerald cut diamonds what I could get. It found 3,638 emerald-cut diamonds under $4,000. So narrowed it to show just the ones with E color or better and VS2 clarity or better, with an overall cut grade of very good or better, and they had to be at least .90-carats. It found 36 diamonds that were “under $4,000, emerald-cut, .90-carats or larger, VS2 or better, E color or better, very good cut grade or better.” Almost all of them were GIA certified.

    Some were D color, some were VVS2 clarity grade. One was even D-color and VVS2 clarity grade, but it was .91-carat, which is a bit less than you seem to be wanting.

    But, overall, it’s surprising to find EGL diamonds priced as high as GIA diamonds. Usually GIAs are priced a little higher than EGLs, so something doesn’t seem right. My judgement is that the diamond is probably not worth the price. (Sorry. I hate delivering bad news.)

    I hope this helps.

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