Can you buy a class ring from Walmart with a home-school personalization?

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DeathByMonkeys asked:

ok, i want a class ring to commemorate my homeschooling years. I know walmart offers personalized class rings, but has anyone had a ring personalized for their home school? If so, does it cost more?

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  1. Video Games

    We looked into this for one of our kids, but he decided he’d rather have the money!
    No, homeschooling rings did not cost more than any other personalized school rings. They carry several different styles and the costs vary with the design and the gemstone, and whether you want 10k, 14k gold or Valadium (an alloy that resembles silver). Not all Walmart stores carry all styles. The greatest selection is at online at

    You can go to their online jewelry department and search for ‘class ring,’ then try out all the different personalization options until you find what you like best.

  2. Video Games says:

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    Go to the Jewelry counter at your store and they can show you what they have. Their prices are pretty standard as is their selection through a catalog they may have there. When you place your order you can personalize it however you’d like.

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