Can the rhodium plate on my 18K yellow gold ring be taken off?

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Becky J asked:


My beautiful 18K yellow gold ring has been accidentially plated with rhodium. The ring has two diamonds and a ruby. Is there a process that could be done to the ring to remove the rhodium and bring back the yellow color? I know that rhodium resists higher temperatures than gold, and there is no acid that will make only rhodium react without affecting the gold.
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    The only way to remove the rhodium plating is by mechanically buffing it off. Other metal plating can be removed by ‘electro stripping’, similar to the plating procedure only in reverse, but rhodium doesn’t respond to that.

    That’s one of the reasons the rhodium is used in the first place, because it is so hard and durable.

    You will have to take the ring to a jeweler to ask them what they charge for buffing the rhodium off. Depending on the design of the ring (little crevices etc.) it could be quite labor intensive and therefore expensive.