can I get a 2-carat engagement ring for $10,000?

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Rick Deckard asked:

Times are tough, obviously, and I want to get my girlfriend the best ring I can. She deserves the best I can get her (I wish it could be 10 carats), but I just don't have the cash and I want to make sure that when it goes on her finger, she owns it. No credit card payments, no layaway... it's hers.

I was hoping to find a ring that has a 2-carat emerald cut in the middle and two smaller ones on the side.

Am I being unrealistic? I haven't done this before and could use some help, please. Thank you.

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  1. Video Games says:

    Video Games

    i think you ca, ask at a jewelry store

  2. Handmade Rings

    You have to come to Americus Diamond in San antonio, TX, i got my fiance a 15,000 colorless diamond ring (4 carats)

  3. Camping Gear says:

    Camping Gear

    You can sacrifice quality for size. The best thing you can do is talk to a reputable jeweler in your city.

  4. Bowhunting says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    I recommend Hearts and Arrows diamonds. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but it MUST have a great cut (the most important of the 5 C’s)!!

    Good luck!

  5. emerald ring

    You can, but you may have to sacrifice a little bit of the quality for the size. Start talking to jewelers and pricing it out. If you are close to a major city, I would suggest heading over to the diamon district for the best value and quality.

  6. emerald ring says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    You could, but the diamond won’t be that good to be honest – and the larger the stone the more likely you’ll see the inclusions.

    Personally, go smaller and better quality. I have a 0.5ct Marquise cut D colour diamond (VVS1) and it sparkles so much, and it looks big because of the cut.

    Try and see prices.

    P.S Best you can get doesn’t mean big hun – seriously go for quality over quantity on this one

  7. Video Games

    You certainly can, but remember, bigger isn’t always better. Make sure the quality of the stone is good, and shop around. Don’t tell the jewelers how much you have to spend and see what is offered to you.

    Do some research before you go though, so you can know what’s considered a good quality.

    Here’s some sites to help you out:

  • Video Games says:

    Silver Cigarette Cases

    You may get something that size but the quality won’t be very good. I always look for quality over quantity – who cares how big it is if it doesn’t sparkle? A smaller, good quality stone will be much prettier. Go to your local jewelry stores and see what they can offer you in your price range and learn about carat, color, cut and clarity.

    Good luck!

  • Camping Gear

    no, it’s not realistic. you might try looking in local pawn shops. the prices are reasonable. also try looking at online jewelry auctions. they are amazing! and the prices are way cheaper than that of the pawn shop. but before you bid, when you find the ring you are looking for, print out the description and take it to a jewelry store to see if it is worth the money. if it is, start bidding. you will be happy with the different selections. and they offer express shipping. good luck:)

  • Men’s Diamond Ring

    Go check out bidz dot com. They have some real steals offered up all the time. You have to be aware, that the bidding is not like ebay though. If you bid in the last 15 seconds (trying to snipe the item) the site will just increase the end time by another fifteen seconds after each bid, just like a true auction house competition! They have a lot of beautiful jewelry, and the gems on most auctions have a gem lab estimated value and gemological report included. You should read all the auctions closely before you bid, some of the items are not what they appear. But, you can find some really great deals if you pay close attention to the listings!

  • Mens Rings

    Yes you can! My ring is exactly as you describe it: Emerald cut, flawless, 1 carat is the center stone, one bagetter on each side and at a round at the end. Total weight is 3 carats.

    My ring was $10.000 We got it at, no shipping and no tax…so you do not pay for the overhead and they deal directlt with teh New York Diamond exchange and the duamod comes certified by GIA.

    This is my ring:

    The same ring in tiffany’s is 38k. A 1 carat is $10.200 so on that budget is possible!

    Good luck

    PS/ If you want an emerald cut, the diamond has to be flawless or nearly flawless. That cut doesn;t have facests and you can see right throught it, so it has to be a very good diamond in order for it to be worth while. No not buy anything less than a VVS1 on that cut or it won’t be worth it.

  • Video Games says:

    Camping Gear

    I think you are being unrealistic at that price. a 2 carat ring with extra stones would probably be closer to 20K. You should go for quality over the carat size anyway. A 1 carat, or a 1.5 carat diamond that has few flaws and has good clarity and good color will look much better than a cloudy, yellowy 2 carat.

    Go to to learn about the 4 c’s of diamonds.

  • Handmade Rings

    The only problem with emerald cut diamonds is that any internal flaws will be easliy noticeable because of the cut of the diamond, and emerald cut diamond also wont have as much “sparkle” as most of the other diamond cuts….
    I like checking Jim Allen to see what you can get for your money…
    You’ll want to stay in the highest clarity rating as possible…
    James Allen has a 1.59 ct emerald cut, G color, vs1 clarity, with very good cut listed for $10,500, and the image doesn’t show any immediately noticeable blemishes…
    I would NOT suggest sacrificing quality for quantity when it comes to emerald cut diamonds, especially big ones…
    Good Luck!

  • Silver Belt Buckle

    check out james

    I looked up a 2 carat emerald cut, F color VS1, which is very close to perfect, and for the diamond alone without a setting it’s around $20,000.

    for $10,000, again just a diamond, no setting you’d be looking at a J, SI1.
    J in color is on the lowest end, would be very yellow in color, and SI1 would be slightly included(some flaws visible to the naked eye)

    So while you could possible get one that big, the quality makes it not worth the money AT ALL!! It will lose value in years to come. You’re much better off going with a 1-1.5 carat in a higher quality and spend less money!

    edit-seriously, why the thumbs down. If you want to put a piece of sh*t diamond on her finger and flush 10k down the toilet, go right ahead. Just trying to help out a bit.

  • Mens Rings says:

    Video Games

    Dont worry about size…worry about quality. Learn all you can about the 4 c’s of diamond shopping and also price shop. Go to different stores and find out what each one will charge.

    Seriously though….Quality is WAY more important than size.

    Also you can get a bigger/higher quality diamond if you go for solitare ring. Then for the wedding band, you can get the wrap that puts the two smaller diamonds on it (one on each side). That is what my husband and I did. I have a 1 carat solitare that is VVSI1, color F, Round cut, Hearts on Fire cut (PERFECTLY cut). Then we added on a half carat diamond on each side for the wedding band. Total ring cost was $10000….give or take a few bucks.

  • Bowhunting says:

    Dog Supplies

    2 carats is actually a pretty big stone, I thought I wanted a 2 carat stone and when I actually had it on my finger it was just too much so if she has smaller hands you might want to consider that.
    What about something like this?

  • Men’s Diamond Ring

    you are being really unrealistic. i mean you might if you really search and shop around in the diamond district but you’ll get a really crappy one and when i say crappy it’s not pretty at ALL. if 10,000 is your budget you can get an emerald that just a bit smaller like a 1.75 (trust me that still a really good size) but if your budget allows you to spend just over 10,000 then i’ll show you what you can get. i’ve listed a link below of a ring that fits your description and that clarity if extremely important when your considering an emerald.

    the website is and it the most reputable diamond website i would ever trust buying from. besides lets say you dont like what your shipped, well they have a full money return policy.
    now this diamond is set in a platinum setting flanked by one tapered baguette on each side however platinum is pretty expensive i would recommend white gold which give the same exact look for 1500 to 2000 cheaper. so you will be over your budget by 1000 or so give or take.

    or something like this the emerald cut is flanked by one trilliant cut on each side and same thing applies to the platinum verses white gold.

    or this one diamond is flanked by one pear shape cut on each side and same thing for the metal type applies for this one as well.

    hope you like and i hope i helped.

    Edit: don’t listen to Blunt, that is all complete BS by what she is saying that she has a ring that totals 3ct for 10,000. no there is no possible way, she is saying she has a 1ct emerald FLAWLESS stone and one 1ct baguettes on each side of the 1ct emerald… do you know how silly that looks having all 3 stones the same size and all flawless for 10,000. i smell a little BS… my wedding ring totals about 9,000 give or take and i have a 1.24 princess cut center F/VS2 set in an 18KW micropave diamond wedding set that totals just under a half carat so you story does not match up. it’s sad really when people lie and the story they tell is so outrageous… ha ha ha

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