Can a titanium ring have diamonds set into it?

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bluegirl6 asked:

If I was to purchase a titanium ring online, could I then take it to my local jeweller to have diamonds set into it and have it engraved?
Thanks for any help.

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    Yes, they make them with diamonds in them frequently. Adding them after-market though may pose a problem. I would speak to your local jewelers to see if they have the tools and ability to do what you wish.

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    This is kind of a hard question. . . A ring that is not designed to have diamonds or any stone put into it would have to be melted down and remolded into something able to hold a stone. And, most jewelry stores don’t do engraving, it takes a special machine to engrave inside rings, and not all places have it.

    I think that your best bet would be to try and find a titanium ring that already has a stone you like in it. Otherwise, see if there are any jewelers in your area who could custom make a ring for you. Or, maybe that same person could melt the ring down and add your stone.

    Hopefully this helps.

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    yep they can, believe me my FH wants one, lol
    I will link a great site, that’s where he wants his from

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    As tianium is a very hard metal to work with a lot of jewellers do not have the equipment to do anything to tianium jewellry.

    There are some great titanium rings out there with diamonds already set in.

    Another note to point out is that titanium rings cannot be resized but there is a way to do it…

    Have a look at this company

    They are stocked all over the place so you might find a stockist near you – or one with online purchasing.

    They also come with a lifetime gaurantee against breakage and also a once in a lifetime size swapping policy. That means that any time after you have owned the ring for six months and your fingers change size you can get it swapped over for the exact same ring in the size you need. This could be after six months or 20 years down the track after an accident.

    Their designs are just beautiful. My fiance’s ring is a Dora ring. Titanium with two strips of 18 carat white gold inlaid. He didn’t want diamonds but there are some lovely ones.

    I would wait until you know it is the right size before you organise engraving though…. seeing it’s hard to get done on titanium rings and if you think you might want to change the size one day you won’t be able to swap it over

  5. Bowtech says:

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    No. you would have to buy them that way ahead of time. Most online dealers offer engraving and styles set with stones. Most jewelers will not have the tooling to work on titanium. Here is a good one:

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