Borrowing money from a friend question?

February 18, 2010 by admin  
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Terra G asked:

Here is my situation: I went to a jewelry store with no intention of buying anything with my friend. I then saw a lovely emerald ring that I could not pass up. Since I just went with my friend, I did not bring my debit card. When she saw how much I wanted that ring, she offered to lend me the $1700.00 to buy it, since she knew that I had the money and would pay her back. I accepted; she put it on her credit card, and the NEXT day I transfered the exact amount to her bank account so she could apply it to her credit card or do with it what she wanted. Here is the issue: my mother thinks that I was rude to accept a loan from a friend! She says under no circumstances is it acceptable in the wonderful world of ettiquette! I personally don't see a problem, since the debt was so quickly repaid; neither does my friend. Am I wrong? Any suggestions?
Just to let you all know, before you start judging, it was a ring I could afford, and it wasn't going to put me in great debt... I just didn't have the funds at the time of the transaction. :)



24 Responses to “Borrowing money from a friend question?”
  1. emerald ring says:

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    If you want tokeep a friend do no do it,,,,It always causes hard feeling and end to your friendship.

  2. Video Games says:

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    There’s nothing wrong with borrowing money from a friend. Since she offered the money to you, I’d say you’re a really responsibly young lady. Your mother just sounds like she needs to get over the fact that you’ve grown up and you’re a big girl now.

  3. Mens Rings

    As long as you pay it off right away I don’t see a problem with it.

  4. Bowhunting

    its okay if its a small amount of money
    but 1700 is a lot
    you could have waited to buy it after

    but if you and ur friend dont see a problem with it then its okay

  5. emerald ring says:

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    You are not wrong. You paid it back, and it was a fair deal. Its ok, all mothers are from the “olden days” and have no clue of modern life.

  6. Camping Gear says:

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    i don’t really think it is that bad. i mean it is a large amount of money but she offered to loan you the money, you didn’t ask. also it was repaid quickly so it’s not like she was being charged interest on her card so i don’t really see it as being unacceptable.

  7. Handmade Rings

    there was nothing wrong with what you and your friend did . You must be from the upper new England states.

  8. Video Games

    its ok to do as long as you pay all of it back and it is sorta rude but who cares when you and your friend think its ok. its not like your mom has ever barrowed money from you before. its always ok if you pay it back as promised.

  9. Video Games says:

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    Why not buy a 45 dollar ring instead and give the balance of the money to people who can’t even afford the #3 meal at McDonald’s? The real problem is not that you borrowed money, but rather that you need to spend 1.7K for a ring. You can be forgiven for this problem but you must address it sometime.

  10. Camping Gear says:

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    I shouldn’t bring your mom into it unless she has tabs on your finances. Everything was done correctly and no problem came up. Friends often times end up hateing each other because one borrows money from another. I wouldn’t try it with any other friend. You seem to be good friends with her so, try not to make it a habit. If it is worth having, it will be there when you get you debit card and get it yourself.

  11. Sterling Silver Boxes

    if you got that much money to blow on a ring then your too old to be worrying about what your mama says.

  12. Bowhunting says:

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    not at all. never refuse money of any amount ever! payin back or not. u will never see money you did not take again that you refused. that is a fact of life. like the diference between living and dying

  13. Video Games

    No u Paid ur debt back!! so what’s wrong with that not a thing!!!

  14. Vintage Classic Cars

    No you are not wrong.

    As long as she offered and you didn’t have to hint or pressure her.

    Then it was between you two and mother should not have been concerned.

  15. Men’s Diamond Ring

    There’s nothing wrong with it if she offerd.Plus,she was the one generous enough to loan you the money.But just to prove it to your mom that it wasn’t inproper ettiquette,wear the ring all the time,plus you really like it, so it shouldn’t bother you.

  16. Vintage Classic Cars

    That’s what good Friends are for,to help each other in moments of needs,your only problem you should not have told your mom the details.She may be wright to.?

  17. Sterling Silver Boxes

    I can’t agree with your mom here. the lender is your friend and is the one who OFFERED to lend. And you paid her so promptly. What then can be the issue? I think your mom could have felt you bought an expensive item on impulse and (more than anything else) she didn’t like that?

  18. Dog Supplies

    You paid it right away, I don’t see any problem. About the ring, if you really like it, who am I, to judge. I’m like you, if I like something and I can afford it, I buy with out question.

  19. Bowhunting says:

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    you werent rude if you payed her pback

  20. Video Games says:

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    I think you need to give up on your mothers advice if it’s going to be so wrong. Did your friend feel put out? I doubt it. There is no such thing as bad etiquette if nobody feels uncomfortable or confused.

  21. Dog Supplies says:

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    I think it depends a lot on the situation: How well do you know the friend? Do you have the means to pay it back? Has the friend borrowed from you before? Did they repay you? Have you discussed borrowing/lending before?

    In addition, I think a lot depends on your own level of comfort with the transaction; if you were comfortable borrowing the money, and your friend was comfortable lending it (I assume she was, since she offered the money), then I don’t think there is a problem. Personally, I don’t see why it was such a big deal. Sure, it was a somewhat large amount of money, but you had the funds in the bank, you paid it back at the soonest possible time and you got the ring you wanted. End of story. Friends help each other, and sometimes that means helping financially, especially when it’s a very temporary situation, like yours.

    Also, you (and your mother) must remember that the transaction occured between you and your friend. It was a personal matter, and if you’re both satisfied with the outcome, then it was a correct decision.

  22. Video Games

    i disagree .pride is the only thing that would prevent people from accepting money from a friend .but if you could not have paid her back in a timely fashion that could have cause big problems.especially since it was for a trinket and not for something important like rent or food.

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