Black tungsten carbide ring: isn’t it supposed to be scratch proof ?

February 25, 2010 by admin  
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josh7066 asked:

I bought it from Titanium Kay to replace his old band.

It's been three weeks and it's badly scratched, revealing the silver color underneath. He works with computers, so nothing hard on the ring. I called the company and they sent another, but now I'm worried the same is going to happen to the new one! Is it a myth that tungsten carbide doesn't scratch? Anyone else have experience with a black tungsten carbide scratching?


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    Tungsten carbide (WC) is always black or grey-black. It is as hard as corundum and could be scratched with emery (corundum) although it would be a lot of work. It can, of course, be scratched with diamond.

    Looking at the web-site, it says that the binder is nickel. That means that the WC grains are set in about 10% (my guess) of Ni which is soft. Maybe they did not anneal it properly.

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