Best way to inlay gold into a titanium ring?

May 31, 2010 by admin  
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Local Hero asked:

I cut rings from a lathe with a groove for a gold wire. The gold is 14k (I know 24K is more malliable but that's what people want from me). I won't say how I'm doing it now because I'd like a lot of opinions and techniques. My biggest problem is making the band seamless. Any tips or tricks would be helpful. Thanks!

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One Response to “Best way to inlay gold into a titanium ring?”
  1. Garden Pond Liner

    I would think that brazing the inlay to the titanium would work, though I know titanium can be difficult to braze. By selecting the right braze alloy, it would blend well with the gold and allow a smooth transition. Might take some practice.

    Also, most suppliers of jewelry brazing products may have some tips to help you out. Finally, there are a large number of jewelry websites than can be a big help when working with precious metals. At least there you stand a chance of finding a more experienced and more interested audience than you’ll find on Yahoo.

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