Best at home remedy to clean diamond and white gold?

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Caleb kisses Momma w/that mouth! asked:

My diamond engagement ring is filthy and the jewelry cleaner that the jeweler gave me doesn't do much. Whats a good, safe way to clean white gold and diamond jewelry that won't harm the ring?

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    Honestly rubbing alcohol works on all gold! I’ve had to soak all my earrings and rings over night before and if they’re truly gold atleast 12kt you’ll be fine. If this is to harsh for you to want to try….Try hot water with some dawn dish detergent and a good old stiff toothbrush.

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    A drop of dishwashing liquid, a drop of household ammonia, and about a pint of warm water.

    Let your ring soak in that solution for a few minutes, then use a very soft toothbrush (one made for babies is best) to brush around the stone and prongs. Rinse, rinse, rinse … and let the piece air-dry.

    Usually, any piece sold by a reputable jeweler can be brought in for cleaning anytime … check your warranty … most jewelers are only too happy to help you keep your jewelry looking its best!

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    dilute toothpaste w/distilled water use a well worn toothbrush, gently scrub under warm water.

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    My secret for cleaning jewelry that is intricate or has facets is alka seltzer. The bubbles loosen the dirt and allow me to use a tooth brush to clean the tiny spots.

    I plop two alka seltzer (or the generic brand) in enough water to cover the jewelry piece and then put the jewelry on top of the tabs as they fizz….the bubbles loosen the dirt, and then I take an old toothbrush and spiff them up.

    It works WONDERS of my metal link watch bands, my silver jewelry, my gold necklace…….(and it cleans the toilet too!)

  5. Mens Rings says:

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    Have you ever tried toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Does a fantastic job. The old head of an electric toothbrush does a super job. Next bicarb is pretty good. I have used silver polish on the gold and then brushed the diamond with toothpaste. Came up brilliantly.

  6. Camping Gear says:

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    A jeweler told me to boil mine in a pan of water. Sounds strange but he assured me it wouldn’t hurt the gold or the diamonds. Just simmer for about 5 min. I will try it with mine right now and get back to you.

    OK. just got done cleaning my worked great, I had to wait until all the water evaporated from behind the diamonds ( they are inlayed) before I could really see the shine, but was surprised at how much yuck was in the water. So Yes I would recomend this method. I brought the water up to a boil, turned the heat down so it would just simmer and dropped the ring in. Waited about 5 min. and it was done.

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    Get a small baby food jar and put half Mr. Clean and half ammonia in it. Place ring in the jar. Put lid on jar and shake the jar. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse in hot water.

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