Belly Piercing infected or metal allergy?

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<3butterfly<3 asked:

I've had my navel ring for a little over a year now and it still hasnt completely healed! it's dark around the piercing. i finally took it out about a month ago and it looks as if its closed up. im thinking this is because the metal was irritating my skin. btw the ring is titanium.

does this sound like an infection or reaction to the type of metal?

does it sound safe to re-pierce it later when completely healed?? possibly with a better quality metal?
Yeah, my skin did "shrink"!!!

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6 Responses to “Belly Piercing infected or metal allergy?”
  1. Bowhunting

    It’s a common problem to some people who get piercings. To have allergies. Just go with plastic when you repiece it after it has completly healed. Or go with a different type of metal.

  2. Sterling Silver Boxes

    That sounds kinda like what happened to my daughter. When she had hers, it never fully healed. Then when we were on vacation, the skin around the ring began to thin and eventually the ring had to be removed. It actually looked liked it would have fallen out.
    We went back to the piercer and asked what could have caused this. He stated that sometimes the body will reject a piercing….out of the blue. There isn’t always rhyme of reason to it.
    Perhaps you have an allergy. Perhaps your body just rejected it. However, if you want it redone, wait until it heals and go to a reputable salon and have redone.

  3. Dog Supplies

    Well, I had my belly done too, and I had the same problem. They say it takes about 6 weeks to heal, but mine took almost 6 months, and I don’t know if it’s even completely healed now, a year and a half later, because I still have a dark ring around it, but it’s very small… I don’t think it’s a metal allergy, because otherwise what happens is the body forces it out… the ring will slowly be “pushed” out, which can be notice by the amount of skin that was pierced appearing to “shrink… It’s like someone is slowly pulling it out. This happened to a friend who was allergic to metal. If it’s a metal allergy, I would suggest not trying other metals, but rather seeing if you can get plastic. However it does not sound like an allergy

  4. Dog Supplies says:

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    I have the same problem, and I’ve been told that navel piercings are one of the worst for healing. Mine was just an infection, I suppose you are better off giving it some time to heal before getting it re pierced. But try a different metal if you think it’s that. Make sure you keep it clean and away from perfumes when you get it pierced again. I was told to clean it by using a saline solution and using pure soap with no perfumes in the shower. Don’t play with it either heh.

  5. Video Games says:

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    Where did you get the piercing done? Was it a reputable piercer or did you have a friend do it? If it was a piercer, did you go back regularly to have the piercing checked?

    My piercer knows that his business depends on his reputation. A good piercer will stand behind his/her work. If you didn’t go to a piercer, ask around and find out who is the best in your area. Go there and see what they say.

    It’s unlikely that you will be able to have that spot re-pierced once it heals completely because it is very difficult to pierce through scar tissue. It probably is not healed completely yet so, if you still wish to have the belly ring, talk to a piercer and tell them everything you can about your piercing. If it wasn’t oozing and pussing a lot, it is probably a metal allergy. (Was it itching, burning, or red?) You may have to go to 24k gold.

    Good luck :)

  6. Men’s Diamond Ring

    If you had an allergy, you would have a major rash and no it isn’t common to have an allergy to metal. Just think of how much stuff is metal: cooking utensils, your car, and so on.

    If it was dark around the hole, this is usually caused from wearing the stainless steel/titanium that most of the jewerly is made of. In another words…cheap. After I had mine pierced and it healed, my mom bought me a 14 kt gold barbell and I’ve worn it for two years now after having my navel pierced for 5. I have no problems.

    People also heal differently. Mine took 6 months to stop being sore and another 6 before I was able to sleep on my stomach or mess with it without the hole becoming infected.

    Once it’s completely healed up and no unusual color or redness or soreness, you can repierce it. I suggest you go with a barbell, I’ve heard horror stories about those rings and just keep it clean.

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