Am I just unapproachable because of my rings?

February 13, 2010 by admin  
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Robyn McKenzie asked:

ok so I've been noticing lately that I dont get approached (by guys) compared to when I started wearing a ring on my ring finger. on my right hand on the ring finger I have my Graduation/promise ring that looks like a band with a few diamond in it. and then on my left hand I have a meaningless ring on the middle finger that I really liked and then on my left ring finger I have a ring. But its a celtic Knots kind of band that my sister(who is leaving for the army soon) gave to me for christmas. I guess what I'm getting at is is there a chance that someone might approach me and understand why I put it on ring finger( for me it symbolizes my dedication to my sister and therefore my family. Meaning my family comes first before anyone. for me thats what it symbolizes) and because it was such a pretty ring I didnt want her to have to find me another ring cause it didnt fit on a finger I didnt want it on. Can A guy understand why I have the ring on that finger or would it totally just freak them out?

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  1. Video Games says:

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    You may get less random approaches by men who spot the ring, but any who you make casual contact would completely understand once you explained. That said, Celtic knots are often used in marriage ceremonies, so you should really wear it on your right hand and only wear the graduation ring for special occasions, or wear one of them on your other middle finger if it will fit. Men who are looking for single ladies see any sort of band on the left ring finger that isn’t colorful and they assume you’re married and won’t approach you for a date.

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    Probably you are the only one who understands.
    Rings may make you unapproachable.

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