Alternative to traditional bouquets?

February 22, 2010 by admin  
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thedreamweaverwolf asked:

I am looking for an alternative to carrying a bouquet at my wedding the colors are going to be white and navy blue with the Celtic knot and claddagh symbol which are both primary Irish .I tried fans bit that idea does not work .
This is what the claddagh looks like

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  1. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Some brides carry a bouquet of shells, greenery, a Bible, family rosary, a poem on beautiful handmade paper. The possibilities are endless. Congrats!

  2. celtic knot ring

    When my aunt got married (almost 30 years ago) she used an Episcopal prayer book that was cover in some kind of white material and lace, it had orchids, baby breath and rosebuds along with long ribbons. I’ve seen the pictures and it was really nice looking. My FW is thinking of do something like that when we get married.

  3. Men’s Diamond Ring

    One idea would be a candle in a votive holder like this:

    I have seen it where the bridesmaids carry them down like they would a single rose. And then the bride carries one too in a different color or the same color or whatever.
    But, it always looks really pretty!
    You can tie ribbon around it or put the pretty knot on it or have it etched in the glass. Not exactly the ones in the picture, but something like that!