A Promise Ring For My Boyfriend?

February 25, 2010 by admin  
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jenny:) asked:

I think it would be a perfect graduation gift for my boyfriend. (Am i wrong?) I saw this ring at walmart that i fell in love with but didnt buy for worry that i could find a better one. i didn't. But now that i look for it online i can't find it anywhere. Not even walmart.com has it. It has a titanium spinner with gold scripture on the outside saying "always and forever" for $48 dollars. I love the spinning mechanism (i figure it would amuse him:]), and that the message is on the outside so that it won't look like an wedding band. Can ANYONE find a site where i could order it online? Ive seen the black-colored version online on Walmart.com but rejected the idea because i thought it was ugly. The silver-colored was much more attractive to me (Then again...would a guy like that?). PLEASE HELP!
You could be right about that. :) . i am not prejudice to answers. What else is a good gift? nothing cheesy. .....I thought he might like a ring since he never goes a day without wearing his highschool ring. (i don't want to get it as a promise of anything. Just something that says I love you with all my heart, you know). Or since you might think that's stupid. What about something for good luck? Could anyone find a link for that either? (trying not to be picky, but nothing gaudy or expensive please)

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  1. Dog Supplies says:


    a promise ring is the stupidest thing in the world

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