A detached finger question?

July 5, 2010 by admin  
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krystal b asked:

If a guy wears a titanium ring and broke the finger the ring is on, the hospital has to remove the finger to get the ring off right? Will they be able to sew it back on since they cut it off. Will there be any permanent damage to the feeling and movement of the finger?
Titanuim rings can not be cut once cast. Nor can they be streched or cut to fit a finger. I'm asking because I'm looking at possible wedding ring ideas for my boyfriend and me. Hes a mechanic and he bangs up his fingers alot.

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5 Responses to “A detached finger question?”
  1. How to Get Pregnant

    What a strange question, What makes you think that they would cut the finger off?

  2. How to Get Pregnant

    wouldn’t it make more sense to cut the ring off the finger….

  3. How to Get Pregnant

    Well if the could sew it on I doubt he would be able to fell a thing with it. Although it might regain feeling after a few years, but it would never be the same as it was. But I think they could just cut the ring off without cutting the whole finger.

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    The doctor will more than likely set the the finger back into its proper position and the put a form around the finger (not a cast, its more like a metal brace.) The ring will remain in place depending on the severity of the break. Hope this helps.

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    Why wouldn`t your boyfriend remove the ring while he is working. It`s a workplace hazard to wear them doing that kind of work. If you love him, look into safer ring alternatives.

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